Every eligible Washingtonian has a right to safe, secure and accessible elections.

Our Democracy depends on it.

Every eligible Washingtonian has a right to safe, secure and accessible elections.

Our Democracy depends on it.

Jeff and his wife, Dr. Chaitra Ujjani, live in Seattle where she works as an oncologist at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Dear Friend,

I am writing to let you know that, after much thought, I have decided to suspend my campaign for Washington Secretary of State.  I am incredibly grateful for the support and encouragement you have shown Chaitra and me through out this process.

I decided to run for Secretary of State because I care about voters and because I want our elections to be the best in the country.  To do this, we need new policies that will expand access to voting, protect against 21st Century cyber-threats, and earn the buy-in of citizens through enhanced transparency and voter-education efforts.  I also believe we must do more to protect the voting rights of all Washingtonians.

Earlier this fall, I got in the race because no other Democrat was running and I felt these issues needed a voice.  Moreover, as a former election lawyer for President Obama and Secretary Clinton, and the former Director of Voter Protection for the Washington Democratic Party, I felt I could bring a unique perspective to these issues.

However, now, a prominent State Representative, Rep. Gael Tarlton, has decided to run for this office.  I have gotten to know Gael over the summer and fall and have been impressed by her significant national security experience, her leadership in the legislature, and her care for the people of Washington.  I believe she has a strong and compelling vision for the Secretary of State’s office and the experience to implement it. 

Thus, in order to prevent a Democratic Primary, and in the best interest of taking back this crucial office, I have decided to suspend my campaign.  I look forward to campaigning for Gael and helping her win in November 2020.

Although I am no longer running, the issues that prompted my candidacy remain.  I will continue to work in every way I can to ensure Washington is the national leader on elections that it should be.

Sincerely yours,

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